Dr. Ferrando is known for his innovative and pioneering work in designing and developing new techniques to be used in cosmetic, aesthetic and reconstructive  surgery. He is very expert in all kind of aesthetic surgery, with special love for the rhinoplasty, in which he achieves natural and exceptional results. His attention to detail is what makes his outcome extraordinary.

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Rhinoplasty or natural looking shape of nose

The process for a rhinoplasty procedure with leading consultant plastic surgeon Mr Giovanni Ferrando, starts with the first consultation with the patient. During this consultation, a photo of the patients face is taken, especially focusing on the nose. This consultation is very important, as it allows both Mr Ferrando and the patient to discuss exactly what result is possible, and what shape and size of nose is perfect for the patient’s face. In time for the second consultation, a drawing of the face with the new nose will be created to discuss with the patient. Mr Giovanni Ferrando prefers using his own hand to draw the nose, rather than using any computer software. This process allows Mr Giovanni Ferrando to show the patient the result that they can expect to achieve, and to show the patient which nose shape is most natural for their face with respect to their facial proportions.

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Dr Ferrando’s work is amazing. I had my nose done with him and it was the best thing I have ever done! He made it look better than I ever could’ve imagined. I have recommended him to several friends of mine, who have all had equally impressive results. I wouldn’t see anyone else for my treatments now.

Rachel H.

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It is the attention to detail that rises the ordinary to the exceptional

Skilled in all plastic reconstructive and cosmetic surgery

Mr Ferrando M.D. is a very experienced Cosmetic, Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon who has been featured in numerous press articles and TV documentaries for his expertise in Cosmetic Surgery and for his pioneering work in developing new and highly innovative techniques.

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    I have lots of energy but people kept telling me I looked tired. I saw 3 plastic surgeons. One recommended a long list of aggressive procedures but Mr.Ferrando suggested doing the minimum facelift required to achieve my goals. I liked that approach. I was always afraid of ending up with this “stretched look” after a facelift. My friends tell me I look refreshed in a natural way.I just love looking at myself again!

    After being self-conscious for years about the excess skin on my neck under my chin, I made an appointment with Mr.Ferrando who had been recommended to me by my wife. Mr.Ferrando performed a neck lift and face lift. The recovery was about 3 weeks and the results were everything I had hoped for. Mr.Ferrando and his friendly staff were excellent, taking the time to answer my many questions, making the experience very comfortable.

    “Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job on my face. The thought of having a facelift used to scare me. I was so worried about ending up with an unnatural looking face. The consultations with you helped me to overcome my fears. I am so glad I found you in the maze of cosmetic surgeons. Your work shows a great sense of detail. Your are a true artist!”

    My breast reduction surgery performed by Dr. Ferrando has improved my life so much. I had immediate relief from the neck and shoulder pain and my posture has improved immensely. I was pleased with every aspect of my care and the results have exceeded my expectations.