Rhinoplasty – what is the process for deciding the shape of the nose?

The process for a rhinoplasty procedure with leading consultant plastic surgeon Mr Giovanni Ferrando, starts with the first consultation with the patient. During this consultation, a photo
of the patients face is taken, especially focusing on the nose. This consultation is very important, as it allows both Mr Ferrando and the patient to discuss exactly what result is possible, and what shape and size of nose is perfect for the patient’s face. In time for the second consultation, a drawing of the face with the new nose will be created to discuss with the patient. Mr Giovanni Ferrando prefers using his own hand to draw the nose, rather than using any computer software. This process allows Mr Giovanni Ferrando to show the patient the result that they can expect to achieve, and to show the patient which nose shape is most natural for their face with respect to their facial proportions.

How is a natural-looking nose achieved?

The proportions of the face are taken into consideration in a vertical sense, with the nose taking up one third of the face, with one-third for the forehead, and another third for the lower face. In a horizontal sense, the width of the nose at the base has to be around the same as the distance between the eyes. When Mr Ferrando draws the nose, it allows the patient to see how the proportions of the nose will appear after surgery.

There is not one nose shape that fits every face. The nose has to match the face of the patient, and the surgeon has to put the maximum effort to find the right nose for every patient. The best compliment the surgeon can receive at the end of the operation is for the patient to say “the new nose looks so natural, it looks as though I was born with it”.

How long does a rhinoplasty take?

The rhinoplasty procedure usually takes between one to two hours, depending on the kind of operation being performed. If only the external portion of the nose is to be changed, and the operation is only for aesthetic reasons, then the operation will take less time. However, if the surgeon also has to fix a functional problem, such as work on the septum to improve breathing, then the procedure will take longer.

How long until the final results are seen?

A rhinoplasty is a very complex operation. The patient can see the final results following a rhinoplasty after approximately one year on average. This depends whether the rhinoplasty is the first time the nose has been operated on, or whether the patient has had another rhinoplasty in the past. If the patient has had one or more rhinoplasties in the past, then the recovery time can be more than one year.
Sometimes different methods have to be used, such as bone grafts from other parts of the body. In these special cases, the recovery time can be longer. If you are interested in having a rhinoplasty procedure, and would like to learn more, you can make an appointment with a specialist here.

Rhinoplasty before and after

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