I had been looking for a good surgeon for doing my nose for years . I wanted to do it but I was scared to change my  face , besides nobody gave me the confident for deciding. Eventually I met Mr. Giovanni Ferrando , who immediately hit myself with his professionalism  and confidence in his job .When I had the consultation he explained very well the procedure . I could notice a sparkle in his eyes , which told me how much he loves his job. He explained that every face has its own nose , which is therefore unique . That is the reason why he studies the nose on a photo of the patient and draws it with his corrections , respecting the proportion on the face . He doesn’t use the computer because he believes the computer can’t give real results, instead his drawing is exactly what the patient has to expect , because the same hand which draws is the same which does the operation later on. He told me that after studying and making the plan the nose is already done , because he has got the project in his mind . I was amazed of what he said and the way he reassured me then I decided to do it. I did the Rhinoplasty with him  and everything was exactly as he told and planned with me. My face improved so much without changing , my nose is beautiful and suits my face in a way I couldn’t even imagine . I love my unique nose . I want to say thank you to Mr. Giovanni Ferrando for giving the confidence in myself and making my life  much happier.